Welcome to this sewing blog!  Regardless of where you are in you are in your sewing journey, this blog is dedicated to you, and the heart and soul you put into everything you craft with your sewing skills, whether you sew by machine or by hand.

This blog is meant to help you simplify the process of sewing, which saves you time and gives you the energy to make your sewing projects into something you had always dreamed they could be.

If you are like many sewing enthusiasts, you’ve had many attempts, trials, tribulations, and successes with your sewing projects.

Some people have even had great ideas to sew a particular thing, and it turned out (after all of their hard work) not quite the way they had imagined it.  Others may have been new to sewing, and the first project he or she made was fabulous!

There are also those that have had great success when they had sewn some time ago, but after putting their sewing hobby on hold, felt as though they had lost some of the knack they once had. As a result, they ended up losing some of their confidence and motivation.  Some of them even decided not to sew any longer.

Your Persistence Will Get You Through

Regardless of the results you have had in your sewing endeavors, you deserve a lot of credit for sticking with something for which you have interest and passion!

The truth is that sewing is not just like riding a bike.  It’s not easy to remember how to sew, especially after a long hiatus.  Some people probably remember how to turn on their sewing machine, but may have forgotten some of the intricacies to the art of sewing that would be needed in order to complete whatever project was on his or her sewing table.

Questions like these may have come to their minds whether they were new to sewing, or picking back up after an extended sewing break:

  • How do I thread this thing?
  • Why isn’t this (bobbin) winding?
  • What do the numbers on this package of (needles) mean to me?
  • When will I ever finish this project?
  • Who are all these people that are talking about how easy sewing is for them?

There is Good News for You:  Sewing Can be Simple

If you are not getting the results you want, and sewing seems complicated sometimes, there is help to get you where you want to go.  This blog is here to help you by simplifying each aspect of sewing.  I will use this place to share my three decades of sewing knowledge.  Like you, I was once a beginner to sewing and had many things to learn.

I learned to (sew on a sewing machine) from my mom when I was 9.  I knew that I liked picking patterns and fabric, and I liked the idea of making something on my own.  After that first project, and with my mom’s help, I just kept on sewing.  Eventually, I weaned myself from her assistance.

Persistence brought me to different levels of understanding the (art of sewing).  Along the way some projects turned out well, others not as well, some really cool, and others I was not comfortable showing to anyone.

My mom recently reminded me of a story about a project that I had forgotten.  I was in 8th or 9th grade.  My dad asked me to (hem) some jeans for him.  He had just bought them, but they needed to be shortened.  I accepted the task and completed it, successfully.  At least I thought so.

Later, when he was speaking with my mom, he unfolded the finished jeans and said “Aw, what did Sandra do?”  I will tell you what I had done:   I had hemmed them just fine, only I had inadvertently cut the legs of the jeans to different lengths!  I never noticed the difference before giving them to him.  I never heard anything more about these jeans until a few weeks ago, when my mom recounted the series of events.  Mom and I laughed, but I was sad that I had not been more careful back then.

Dad’s solution, after making the realization, was to just cut them himself and make them into raw-edged work shorts.  I don’t recall if he ever said anything about it to me.   I do remember him wearing a particular set of raw edged jean shorts quite often when he was outdoors working in the garage and in the yard.  It never occurred to me that those were the same jeans he had given me to be hemmed.

All I can think of now, in remembering this story to tell you, is that I must have rushed through the project.  I cannot recall whether this mishap occurred before or after my dad asked me to sew other things for him, like (patches) onto his black (leather) riding jacket.

If you are like me, you have had to trust in your sewing abilities at some point in time.  When you had a sewing task to complete, you did so with the skills that you had available.  Like me, you now realize that each (sewing project) comes with a series of (lessons), and they are different lessons for each of us.

It was true for that leather jacket.  I do not remember that I had ever sewn leather before.  I am not sure I knew anything about using particular (sewing machine needles) or particular thread for leather.  I know that I sewed many different patches onto his jacket throughout high school and into college, and that he continues to use it after all these years.  I love that he encouraged me to keep doing what I loved, by asking and trusting me to sew for him.

This Blog is Here to Help You Get to Your Goal

Through this sewing blog, I will share my knowledge with you.  Full of snippets of digestible information, projects, community interaction, guidance through video tutorials and printable documents, it is here to support you through simplification of each aspect of sewing.

I am on a mission to help you, bit by bit, stitch by (stitch).  There will be a ton of sewing information to help you achieve your goals.  The sewing skill you impart into every project that comes across your table can stand the test of time.  Finished projects can sometimes mean more to others, who use the items than they do to you when you sew them.

Each (sewing project) that you choose to take on will get you further in developing the skills you are hoping for.  With passion and persistence, I can guarantee that you will get where you want to go.  Join us and keep on sewing!

What skill are you striving to regain or achieve?  Let us know in the comment area below.  Want to use a certain fabric?  A specific stitch style?  Maybe need to know how to cut patterns?

Leave a comment and let us know about your goal!