This is my go-to approach for making clothes to flatter the body. No matter your shape or size, use these 5 tips to make critical decisions before sewing:

If you are wondering about how to make clothes, and are looking for sewing tutorials and tips as a beginner just starting out . . . you've found it. These are my 5 Top Tips for Making Your Own Clothes. 

That is, for custom making clothes that look really good on you. I live by these! They WILL fit and flatter because you have EMBRACED these tips. After all there is no point in spending time sewing if your finished clothes don't look good on you! 

Tip #1- marker 01:27 - Know your body silhouette 

Tip #2- marker 04:53 Use a simple pattern

Tip #3- marker 10:35 Choose the right fabrics for areas you want to flatter or camouflage 

Tip #4- marker 13:14 Invest in a dressmaker's form

Tip #5- marker 14:23 Be patient with sewing for yourself, and allow extra time to work on your more fitted projects

Recap- marker 17:13