How-to-Sew-Runway Details-Michael Kors-1

Sew up a flirty flower skirt!

Just take a little inspiration from the Michael Kors Collection – Spring 2015 ready-to-wear line.


  1. Think tone-on-tone color palette for this project. You only need two additional things for the detail shown here: several single stem silk flowers and buttons or beads for their centers.
  2. Pull the stacks of flower petal disks off of a few stems and pin in a single layer onto your skirt, spreading them about evenly. If you need more, repeat with the remaining stems.
  3. Once you’ve got them pinned, you can sew them in place along the centers by hand (or use your machine equipped with a free-motion sewing foot), leaving the petals free.
  4. Cut small circles of interfacing or remnant fabric to use as a backing for each flower center embellishment (on the inside of your skirt). Sew on your buttons or beads to cover the centers and stitching, catching the backing material.


Do you dare make the centers contrast with the tones of the flowered skirt? It’s an easy way to work it with the accessories in your wardrobe!


Did you make this? Post it on our Facebook Page . . . We’d love to be inspired by your interpretation!

– S.