What is it to be on an adventure?  And with a sewing machine, no less?

At times, I feel as though I am bobbin’ together with my sewing machine in a sea of fabric!  It can be a lot of fun working on my machine, and my aim is to help you repeatedly have a similar enjoyable experience.

Not having the most optimal sewing machine for your endeavors can cause more stress and anxiety than enjoyment and fun.

As you embark or continue on your sewing journey, you’ll want a harmonious relationship with your sidekick:  your sewing machine.  You may need to learn details of how your machine works, so that you can of trust in it to easily carry you through projects.  Or you may not even own a machine yet, and will benefit from tips and tricks to find the right sewing machine for your needs and purposes.

Wherever you want to go with your sewing, this blog will help you get there!  Where we go is largely up to you!  I hope this can become an interactive forum, a place where we can all share our sewing foibles and successes. I’ll be here to offer advice, and steer our course.

We’ll begin with a comprehensive guide to purchasing the most optimal sewing machine for your budget.  Then, we’ll get into the details of how to work your machine with ease.

  • What is your sewing experience?
  • If you’re new to sewing, how long have you wanted to learn?  What made you finally decide to begin?
  • What do you imagine yourself making?

I’m excited to hear how I can help you reach the fulfillment of your vision – with the advice and guidance on this site, you can tap into your creative potential and open your mind to possibilities you haven’t yet dreamed.

You are welcome to leave feedback throughout this blog.  To begin, I’d love to know where you are in your sewing voyage.

Can’t wait to hear from you – please comment below!  Continue on to the next in this series, by clicking here, or choose from the list below.

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