One-Piece Skirt with Retro Detailing

How to Sew a One-Piece SkirtI always wanted to know how to sew a skirt from one piece of fabric.

This fabric is a stretchy gingham, 45 inches (114 cm) wide. I have always loved this color, so when I saw the fabric, I had to have it.

My idea was to make a lined A-line skirt out of it. I use lining when working with lightweight fabrics because it is so important in adding extra weight and body.

My wardrobe does not contain this color at all. It is not flattering to my coloring, and before I sewed it I had to figure out a way to make it work with what was in my closet. I chose to add the variegated and dot ribbon details so that I would wear it often with the whites, grays, and pale yellow tops that I have.

Click here to see the steps I went through in learning how to sew this skirt.

Use it as a tutorial for your skirt!