The Skirt Shape and Pattern

how to sew a one-piece skirtFor the shape, I used one of my favorite basic skirt sewing patterns. One that I knew fit me well.

You can use any pattern you have. Depending on the fabric width, your skirt will be more pencil skirt shaped than A-line. Mine ended up more shaped like a pencil skirt because the fabric was narrow.

Since this concept was a little wacky, I admit, I knew there would be trouble at the bottom.

An a line skirt traditionally, as a rule, has side seams. It is an angled seam all the way from the hip to the bottom edge. Keep this in mind before you continue. You will have a seam all of the way down to the hemline, even if you start out with one piece of fabric.

  1. Layer your lining onto the fabric, and fold these layers in half down the center. You can always repeat these steps separately for the lining and for the fabric.
  2. Place and pin your skirt front pattern piece on the fold of fabric. If your pattern has a center front seam, place the seam line marking on the fold of fabric.
  3. Place and pin the skirt back pattern piece beside it, aligning the hip and bottom hem edges.
  4. Before you cut, check what is going on at the hemline. You must cut a straight line from where the bottom curves in toward what would have been the side seams. It will give you room to adjust the hem so it lies properly when you finish sewing the skirt hem.
  5. Make sure that you cut the waistband pieces as you normally would, and the interfacing that goes with it.

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