Gwen Stefani Image - Harper's Bazaar
Having been an avid reader of the fashion mags over the last several years, I’ve run across images, reviews, and advertisements of many Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku line of products.
It wasn’t until I read this interview in Harper’s Bazaar that I realized she hasn’t necessarily jumped into “fashion designer” status because of her celebrity.  She started in the 80’s styling herself for performance from head to toe, and used a sewing machine to get those costumes performance-ready.  Admittedly, Gwen speaks of her equal reliance on the ever popular glue gun to complete them.
If you are like her, you’ve had to make do at some point in your sewing journey.  She did not have stylists back in the early days.  Gwen knew what she was after and she got her projects done by any means necessary.
September’s covergirl has lots to be proud of besides performing.  Gwen Stefani is a wife, mother of two, and designer beginning a legacy with her fashion and fragrance lines.  She can serve as a source of inspiration to those that sew and also to those that have an itch to learn how to sew.
I liked her before, but respect her now that I realize that she has been more influential in the design of her products than in just lending her name or the name she’s given to her group of performers. She has had firsthand experience in the sewing and crafting arts that have given her greater intelligence and insight in design.
How does Gwen Stefani or any one of her product lines inspire you?