Why should you open this book? To salivate over the step-by-step guidance through each project with color illustrations. The range of objects to sew is numerous. Everything from small to large, utilitarian to decorative is shown using Liberty’s famous fabrics. 

While the company's renowned fabrics are more costly, the photography will undoubtedly show how to combine any manufacturer’s fabrics – or maybe something in your stash – to make a great finished piece.

The beauty of the book lies in the overarching style similarities between each of the projects.

    Watch this video for more:

      Inspiration was taken from the gorgeous fabric designs that Liberty of London is known for. Do not allow the price of the company’s materials to deter you in following through using what is available to you.

      Love learning to sew using a project from this book, or continue to increase your sewing proficiency by applying some of the interesting and elegant techniques for embellishment shown here in detailed images.


      Taking it farther” tips for enhancing the basic design, beautiful illustrations, easy to follow diagrams and instructions.

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