Sandra Espinoza, Designing SewistSandra Espinoza - designing sewist

Hi, and welcome to my blog! Here I’ll share all the things I love about sewing and how sewing fits into my lifestyle. I’m a busy mother of three kids, and just trying to find time to sew for fun can be difficult. I hope to share with you those things that I have found time to embark upon.

I enjoy sewing and designing. These days, both have to be pretty simple in order for me to find time to do either of them.

This is a selfie I took on the way to pick up my mom for a road trip to Houston to see an exhibit of Charles James at the Menil Museum. So excited to see a great designer and to be inspired to continue my sewing and design shenanigans!

My sewing advice and products are intended for both novices and enthusiasts.  They embody lessons and projects with detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

After teaching Architecture Design Studios for several years at the University of Texas at Arlington, I began to lead private, individual and group sewing instruction for kids and adults. I then began to develop a line of sewing patterns that emphasize a user’s particular skill level, while helping to develop pattern literacy.

In 2010, I launched soft furnishing line Pure Soft Mod in Fort Worth, Texas, a custom designed line of eco-friendly home décor – such as draperies, shades, bedding and pillows – serving clientele throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth region.  My past work includes custom clothing (wedding gowns and menswear) and small fashion accessories – all commissioned primarily by designers and artists.

I have sewn since elementary school … now for more than 30 years. Both of my grandmothers were sewing enthusiasts, but it was my mother who taught me the basics.  From there, I began experimenting using fashion patterns — I loved customizing them, ultimately having designed something new.  And remarkably, my hobby has evolved into my career. 

In this blog, I’m dedicated to sharing many aspects of sewing with my trusty industrial single needle lockstitch machine, deemed “Ethel.”  She has been a great help with prototyping and handling heavy fabrics!

My work is regarded as polished and refined, thanks to a high standard of performance & method in every facet of teaching, sewing and design. I gravitate toward classic and modern styles, and am predisposed to that affinity showing up in everything I do.

Indeed, I love sewing, designing and teaching. That, I can assure you, will never change. 

Thank you for allowing me to serve you in your sewing endeavors! Let’s sew.