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3 Steps to Relief for:                          The Creativity Struggle

Sandra Espinoza

I'll show you a simple 3-Step Process to help you get past the creativity struggle, but first I need to tell you about the tragedy of it all:

It's not easy to have a creative spirit and experience trouble in the act of creating or making something. Some people EMBRACE their creativity . . . And some DON'T.

When creativity doesn't come easily, most people give up. They give in to distraction instead of creation.

Or they continuously bounce around from creative interest to creative interest. And when they continue on this path they never fully realize a set of vital skills within a specific hobby.

It's sad because this cycle can perpetuate for years, and those people will never find full joy or mastery in anything. But that's no surprise.

Finding a creative outlet is of utmost importance to the human experience . . . Creativity is vital to a healthy body, mind, spirit. And you need to express it - just like the rest of mankind.

What can hold some people back is simply the task of finding or actually allowing themselves time and space in their lives to be creative.

Others need to know that it's okay to move forward and give themselves that freedom. If that's you, I've got you covered. Here it goes:

I give you permission to express your creativity . . .

Sometimes you just need to have permission. And you have mine now. So if anyone asks (including your subconscious mind), just say that "Sandra said I could." If they don't believe you, my friend, just send them here!

This struggle is exactly why I made this video - for giving a spirit lift in your creative perseverance.

When you do more of what you LOVE, you just get so darn good at it that you can't help but amuse yourself. And you can't help but impress yourself either as your skills continually improve!

It really can be that simple. That's how you'll find your soul's true delight.

It's also how you'll find passion and skill mastery. And how you'll begin to inspire others.

So go CREATE . . .

And let your soul SING.

3 Steps to Relief: The Creativity Struggle

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