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Gwen Stefani’s Got Skills

Having been an avid reader of the fashion mags over the last several years, I’ve run across images, reviews, and advertisements of many Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku line of products. It wasn’t until I read this interview in Harper’s Bazaar that I realized she hasn’t necessarily jumped into “fashion designer” status because of her celebrity.  She…

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Let’s Go Bobbin’: Embark on an Adventure With Your Sewing Machine

What is it to be on an adventure?  And with a sewing machine, no less? At times, I feel as though I am bobbin’ together with my sewing machine in a sea of fabric!  It can be a lot of fun working on my machine, and my aim is to help you repeatedly have a…

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Your Guide to Purchasing the Best Sewing Machine You Can Afford

I shared my experience in procuring an extra attachment for my home sewing machine in the last post, and how much more happy I am with what the results I am getting with my Pfaff.  Before you shop, I’d like to assist you in being armed with the information you will need to buy your…

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