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Sufficient Evaluation Could Save You Thousands on a Sewing Machine

In the last post, I shared how an affinity for my mom’s Janome sewing machine confounded me into an overwhelming investment.  Had I been aware of the following information. Had I been as aware of my need originally, I could have saved myself thousands of dollars!  Hindsight is, indeed, 20/20.   The Unbearable Task of…

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Your Guide to Purchasing the Best Sewing Machine You Can Afford

I shared my experience in procuring an extra attachment for my home sewing machine in the last post, and how much more happy I am with what the results I am getting with my Pfaff.  Before you shop, I’d like to assist you in being armed with the information you will need to buy your…

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Welcome Lessons in Buying a Home Sewing Machine

In the last post, I expressed a bit of buyer’s remorse about investing a very large sum in a Pfaff sewing machine, a.k.a. The Rocket Launcher!  Now, about ten years after purchase, it’s still a great machine, but in many ways it is a lot fancier than I ever needed.  Here is my cautionary tale of how I…

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